Collaborate With Us

Here are some ideas for topics:

  • Gift ideas lists. This site’s bread and butter posts. Please keep your gift suggestions general (ie, recommend “funny shirts” not “I-am-a-September-guy-I-will-mess-you-up statement shirt”). The reason is that we won’t be allowing affiliate links on guest posts. Please do not touch any topics that are discussed in our recent posts, though.
  • Gifting how-to tips.
  • DIY gifts. Made a dessert that can be given as a gift? Share the recipe and photos of your last edible obra maestra! Baked some unique goodies? Made a DIY card? We’d love to feature that on this site! In fact, you only have to write 400 words as long as you provide beautiful images of your masterpiece.
  • Creative gift wrapping. Same as DIY gifts. As long as you provide step-by-step photos, your word count is lower.
  • Gifting rules and etiquette. In your country or locale.
  • Information about a certain holiday or celebration. Especially those that happen locally in your country.
  • Party planning tips. Birthday celebration ideas, wedding anniversary tips, bachelorette party themes. They are all welcome here as long as you provide good photos.


  1. Send a Specific Idea for a post
  2. I accept the original contents, not published anywhere else.
  3. The post Should be a minimum of 600 Words and saved in Microsoft Word Format.
  4. Spelling and Grammar Checked Carefully.
  5. Links only allowed your personal blog/website/ Social Media page.